Merry Christmas. Happy 2019.

5 months ago 

Dear Players,
Merry Christmas and Happy 2019 :)
We wish you a beautiful time with your family!

This Christmas, we have 200% Bonus!
If you donated this month, we gave you bonus CP.

MaxiGame Reseller (Turkish)
Myth Reseller (Egypt)
SuperRewards (Global)

Creddy Online Team

PVP-Z 130 Cap Update ~ 200% CP Donation Bonus!

9 months ago 

Dear Players,
Firstly, Happy Eid Al-Adha!
We wish you a beautiful time with your family.
We got good news! PVP-Z 14D Update is finally here.
Check here for information about update.

With arrival of both Eid and Update, we are going to have huge 200% CP Donation Bonus: (Reborn too)
MaxiGame Reseller (Turkish)
Myth Reseller (Egypt)
SuperRewards (Global)

We hope you enjoy new update.
Creddy Online Team

Eid Mubarak! 200% CP BONUS! 14D UPDATE PREVIEW!

11 months ago 

Dear players, Eid Mubarak!
We hope you have a good family time.

There will be 200% Donation bonus for 8 days.
And we have some little preview for 14D Update.

14D Update Sneak Peek
Myth Reseller (Egypt) (200% BONUS)
SuperRewards (Global) (200% BONUS)
MaxiGame (Turkey) (200% BONUS)

Creddy Online Team.
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